Three-way Plug Valves

What is a three-way plug valve?

The three-way plug valve is mainly used to cut off, upgrade and change the medium flow direction in the pipeline. It is easy to adapt to the multi-channel structure. The plug valve and even one valve can obtain two, three or even four different flow channels, which can simplify the design of the pipeline system and reduce the consumption of valves and some connecting accessories required in the equipment.

Application of three-way plug valve

The purpose of the three-way plug valve is to install it on the pipeline, mainly for cutting off, distributing and changing the medium flow direction. The applicable medium is water, oil and steam, without pulsating working pressure. The plug valve compresses the packing to compress the sealing surface of the plug and plug body. The sealing grade is high. It is widely used in medium and low pressure pipelines.

China three-way plug valves manufacturer supplies three-way plug valve for industrial use, in kinds of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

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Three-way Plug Valve
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