Bolted Bonnet Globe Valves

Drawing of Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve

  • (1) Yoke sleeve – made of nickel containing corrosion-resistant ductile iron or aluminum bronze to reduce operating torque.
  • (2) Swing bolts – make maintenance and packing replacement easier.
  • (3) Stuffing box – optional lantern rings and lubricating oil syringes are available.
  • (4) Bonnet connection – the connection structure varies with ANSI pressure rating.
  • (5) Body – full flow (full port), heavy-duty body, wall thickness in accordance with API 600, maximizing service life. Hub can be configured for bypass valve or drain valve.
  • (6) Seat ring – heavy duty, full port (full port) ring threaded into the valve body for easy maintenance.
  • (7) Handwheel – large handwheel for easy operation. Gear operating mechanism, motor actuator or cylinder actuator can also be configured to meet higher application environment requirements.
  • (8) Stem – precision machined stem with forged T-head for reliable stem / wedge connection.
  • (9) Gland – two piece gland / gland flange, self aligned and adjusted to prevent stem damage due to gland warping.
  • (10) Backseat – precision machined bonnet stem bushing provides backseat stem seal.


Lube oil injector and collar

Lubricating oil injector in valve seat

Soft seat t-trim

All valves can be equipped with optional soft seat polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) trim. The molded PTFE ring is bonded in the groove on the valve disc surface to maximize the service life. This structure is particularly suitable for low temperature applications requiring tight closure.

China bolted bonnet globe valve manufacturer supplies bolted bonnet globe valve for industrial use, in kinds of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

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Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve
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