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www.pilgrimpipeline.com is Is a industry valve manufacturer. It is a valve technology company integrating fluid industry and solutions. Its main products include rutulinis vožtuvas, šliuzo vožtuvas, stop valve, atbulinis vožtuvas, exhaust valve, solenoid valve, kištukinis vožtuvas, pipe clamp valve, hydraulic control valve, automatic control valve, regulating valve, pressure reducing valve, balance valve, vacuum valve, ultra clean valve, sanitary valve, pneumatic control valve, electric automatic control valve and other products; The products can be exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Europe, America, Asia and other countries. Our company’s products are continuously applied in the fields of fluid control, power station, shipbuilding, petrochemical, water conservancy, metallurgy, automatic control, laboratory, clean industry and so on. The company provides high-quality and high-quality products, and can customize American Standard ANSI API, MSS SP, British BS, German DIN, Japanese JIS, JPI, French NF, European EN, national GB, JB, Hg and other multinational standard valve products.

Kinijos vožtuvų gamintojas www.pilgrimpipeline.com exports valves for flow control of oil, gas, water, steam, acid liquid, etc.

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