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What is pressure seal gate valve?

The pressure seal gate valve is designed for high temperature and high pressure conditions according to API 600 and ASME B16.34. Compared with the gate valve with bolted bonnet, the advantage of pressure self sealing is that under high pressure, the bonnet sealing ring will be driven by its own pressure to achieve better sealing, because this design is more suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions. The pressure self sealing gate valve not only has its own stable sealing performance, but also adopts the butt welding of iron-based and cobalt based or tungsten carbide on the sealing surface, which can be used in worse working conditions. Pressure seal gate valve is suitable for high pressure environment, usually 1500Lb or 2500lb. Its unique feature is that with the increase of internal pressure, the sealing at the body bonnet connection is enhanced.

Kina pressure seal gate valve manufacturer forsyninger pressure seal gate valve til industriel brug, i forskellige materialer som kulstofstål, rustfrit stål, legeret stål osv.

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China Valves Manufacturer offers pressure seal globe valve.

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China Valves Manufacturer offers pressure seal gate valve.