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Teknisk support

  • 1. The design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection and related processes of products shall strictly implement the standards of ISO9001/14001 international management system.
  • 2. All products shall be designed, manufactured and inspected according to relevant national and industrial standards. At the same time, special products can be customized according to the requirements of users, and testing and testing can be carried out according to the scope of users’ needs.

Our clients from Asia to Africa and from Europe to America, because our products can fulfill all of their standard requirements. We have high criterion of products quality, therefore, we send our own QC to supervise the whole production process of the goods in case of any unqualified products is produced.


Pre-Sale Service

Vi giver normalt et tilbud inden for 24 timer, efter at vi har modtaget din forespørgsel. Hvis det haster meget med at få prisen, bedes du ringe til os eller fortælle os det i din e-mail, så vi kan prioritere din forespørgsel.
Services in Sales
When clients place order to us, we strictly control the production in order to offer the best quality products. has a professional technical team of Quality Supervision , in pre production , quality supervision team will strictly control the quality of raw materials used in the production process, quality supervision team will ensure that the production processes meet the requirements of the standard factory , post-production , quality inspection team sent to the factory to supervise the inspection of steel subsequent process to ensure that each of the products are excellent quality products.
After-Sale Service

After production in done, we arrange quickest delivery to the destination port. We work with many reliable logistics companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation, in order to ensure efficient and fast delivery of goods, reasonable for you to save sea freight procurement costs. If there is any quality problem during the application of the steel products, we will try every means to solve them as soon as possible. 

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